Problem in the generic delimitation between Alseodaphne, Dehaasia and Nothaphoebe (Lauraceae) in Borneo.

  title={Problem in the generic delimitation between Alseodaphne, Dehaasia and Nothaphoebe (Lauraceae) in Borneo.},
  author={Sang Julia and Engkik Soepadmo and W. Yahud},
Alseodaphne, Dehaasia and Nothaphoebe are, morphologically, three closely related genera belonging to the Persea subgroup of the Lauraceae. A total of 214 binomials of the three genera have been published by various authors (International Plant Names Index, March 2007), of which 44 have been attributed to species occurring in Borneo. In revising the Lauraceae for the Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak Project, we recognize 40 distinct species (i.e., Alseodaphne 11; Dehaasia 16; and Nothaphoebe 13… 

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Toward a Phylogenetic Classification of the Lauraceae: Evidence from matK Sequences
The separation between taxa with involucrate and non-involucrate inflorescences, which had been one of the basic subdivisions in all systems of the Lauraceae so far, is not supported and there seems to be an early division into a Gondwanan group and a Laurasian–South American group.
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A phylogenetic analysis of the ‘core’ Laureae (Litsea complex) was conducted using the chloroplast gene matK and nuclear ribosomal DNA ITS sequences to investigate generic relationships and boundaries within the complex, with four major lineages: the Laurus, Litsea, Lindera and Actinodaphne II clades.
Materials for a revision of Lauraceae IV
Reductions, are made in Actinodaphne, Beilschmiedia (2), Cryptocarya (15), Endiandra, (6), Endlicheria (1), Haasia, Lindera, Litsea, Persea, Phoebe, Tetranthera.
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