Probing ultrafast dynamics in adenine with mid-UV four-wave mixing spectroscopies.

  title={Probing ultrafast dynamics in adenine with mid-UV four-wave mixing spectroscopies.},
  author={Brantley A. West and Jordan M Womick and Andrew M. Moran},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. A},
  volume={115 31},
Heterodyne-detected transient grating (TG) and two-dimensional photon echo (2DPE) spectroscopies are extended to the mid-UV spectral range in this investigation of photoinduced relaxation processes of adenine in aqueous solution. These experiments are the first to combine a new method for generating 25 fs laser pulses (at 263 nm) with the passive phase stability afforded by diffractive optics-based interferometry. We establish a set of conditions (e.g., laser power density, solute concentration… CONTINUE READING
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