Probing the lifetimes of internally excited amyl nitrite cations.

  title={Probing the lifetimes of internally excited amyl nitrite cations.},
  author={M Rosenberg and Michael P. Minitti and Nerijus Rusteika and Christer Z. Bisgaard and Sanghamitra Deb and Peter M Weber and Theis I S\olling},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. A},
  volume={114 26},
The photoelectron spectrum shows that multiphoton ionization of amyl nitrite, C(5)H(11)ONO, using ultrafast laser pulses deposits up to 3.7 eV of energy into internal degrees of freedom. As a result, the molecules fragment to produce various daughter ions of masses 87, 71, 60, 57, 41, 30, 29, and 27. Absorption of an additional photon with 3 eV of energy by… CONTINUE READING