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Probing the jet transport coefficient of cold nuclear matter in electron-ion collisions

  title={Probing the jet transport coefficient of cold nuclear matter in electron-ion collisions},
  author={Peng Ru and Zhong-Bo Kang and Enke Wang and Hongxi Xing and Ben-Wei Zhang},
We present a study of the nuclear-medium induced transverse momentum broadening of particle production in future electron-ion-collision~(EIC) experiments. By considering the multiple scattering between hard partons and cold nuclear medium within the higher-twist factorization framework in perturbative QCD, we calculate the transverse momentum broadening of single hadron production in semi-inclusive measurements, as well as the nuclear enhancement of the transverse momentum imbalance for di… 

Dynamical Higher-Twist and High x Phenomena: A Window to Quark-Quark Correlations in QCD

Measurements of the power-law corrections to Bjorken scaling and the behavior of structure functions in the highly stressed x bj → 1 regime of electroproduction can lead to new information on the

The Color glass condensate and high-energy scattering in QCD

At very high energies or small values of Bjorken x, the density of partons, per unit transverse area, in hadronic wavefunctions becomes very large leading to a saturation of partonic distributions.

Et al

A large population-based survey of veterans and nondeployed controls found evidence of a deployment-related Gulf War syndrome by factor analysis in Air Force veterans and controls.

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