Probing the band topology of mercury telluride through weak localization and antilocalization

  title={Probing the band topology of mercury telluride through weak localization and antilocalization},
  author={V. Krueckl and K. Richter},
  journal={Semiconductor Science and Technology},
  • V. Krueckl, K. Richter
  • Published 2012
  • Chemistry, Physics
  • Semiconductor Science and Technology
  • We analyze the effect of weak localization (WL) and weak antilocalization (WAL) in the electronic transport through HgTe/CdTe quantum wells. We show that for increasing Fermi energy, the magnetoconductance of a diffusive system with inverted band ordering features a transition from WL to WAL and back, if spin?orbit interactions from bulk and structure inversion asymmetries can be neglected. This, and an additional splitting in the magnetoconductance profile, is a signature of the Berry phase… CONTINUE READING
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