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Probing the accelerating Universe with radio weak lensing in the JVLA Sky Survey

  title={Probing the accelerating Universe with radio weak lensing in the JVLA Sky Survey},
  author={M. L. Brown and F. Abdalla and A. Amara and D. Bacon and R. Battye and M. Bell and R. Beswick and M. Birkinshaw and V. Bohm and S. Bridle and I. Browne and C. Casey and C. Demetroullas and T. Ensslin and P. Ferreira and S. Garrington and K. Grainge and M. Gray and C. Hales and I. Harrison and A. Heavens and C. Heymans and C. Hung and N. Jackson and M. Jarvis and B. Joachimi and S. Kay and T. Kitching and J. Leahy and R. Maartens and L. Miller and T. Muxlow and S. Myers and R. Nichol and P. Patel and J. Pritchard and A. Raccanelli and A. R{\'e}fr{\'e}gier and A. Richards and C. Riseley and M. G. Santos and A. Scaife and B. M. Schafer and R. Schilizzi and I. Smail and J. Starck and R. Szepietowski and A. Taylor and L. Whittaker and N. Wrigley and J. Zuntz},
  journal={arXiv: Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics},
We outline the prospects for performing pioneering radio weak gravitational lensing analyses using observations from a potential forthcoming JVLA Sky Survey program. A large-scale survey with the JVLA can offer interesting and unique opportunities for performing weak lensing studies in the radio band, a field which has until now been the preserve of optical telescopes. In particular, the JVLA has the capacity for large, deep radio surveys with relatively high angular resolution, which are the… Expand

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