Probing the Repulsive Core of the Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction via the 4Heðe;e0pNÞ Triple-Coincidence Reaction


I. Korover, N. Muangma, O. Hen, R. Shneor, V. Sulkosky, A. Kelleher, S. Gilad, D.W. Higinbotham, E. Piasetzky, J. W. Watson, S. A. Wood, P. Aguilera, Z. Ahmed, H. Albataineh, K. Allada, B. Anderson, D. Anez, K. Aniol, J. Annand, W. Armstrong, J. Arrington, T. Averett, T. Badman, H. Baghdasaryan, X. Bai, A. Beck, S. Beck, V. Bellini, F. Benmokhtar, W… (More)


2 Figures and Tables

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