Probing the Edge of the Solar System: Formation of an Unstable Jet-Sheet

  title={Probing the Edge of the Solar System: Formation of an Unstable Jet-Sheet},
  author={Merav Opher and Paulette C. Liewer and Tamas I. I. Gombosi and Ward Manchester and Darren L. Dezeeuw and Igor M. Sokolov and G{\'a}bor Zsolt T{\'o}th},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal Letters},
  pages={L61 - L65}
The Voyager spacecraft is now approaching the edge of the solar system. Near the boundary between the solar system and the interstellar medium we find that an unstable "jet-sheet" forms. The jet-sheet oscillates up and down because of a velocity shear instability. This result is due to a novel application of a state-of-the-art three-dimensional MHD code with a highly refined grid. We assume as a first approximation that the solar magnetic and rotation axes are aligned. The effect of a tilt of… 

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