Probing strongly hybridized nuclear-electronic states in a model quantum ferromagnet

  title={Probing strongly hybridized nuclear-electronic states in a model quantum ferromagnet},
  author={I. Kova{\'c}evi{\'c} and Peter Babkevich and M Jeong and Julian O. Piatek and Giovanni Boero and Henrik M. R{\o}nnow},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We present direct local-probe evidence for strongly hybridized nuclear-electronic spin states of an Ising ferromagnet ${\mathrm{LiHoF}}_{4}$ in a transverse magnetic field. The nuclear-electronic states are addressed via a magnetic resonance in the GHz frequency range using coplanar resonators and a vector network analyzer. The magnetic resonance spectrum is successfully traced over the entire field-temperature phase diagram, which is remarkably well reproduced by mean-field calculations. Our… Expand

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