Probing of structural phase transitions in barium titanate modified sodium niobate using Raman scattering

  title={Probing of structural phase transitions in barium titanate modified sodium niobate using Raman scattering},
  author={Mrinal Jauhari and S.K. Mishra and Ranjan Mittal and Samrath Lal Chaplot},
  journal={Journal of Raman Spectroscopy},
Raman Spectroscopic measurements are carried out to investigate the structural phase transitions as a function of composition in modified sodium niobate [(1-x) NaNbO3-xBaTiO3:NNBTx] for x=0.0 to 0.15 at room temperature. The characteristic antiferroelectric modes at around 93.4 and 123.6cm-1alongwith a mode at 155.5 cm-1were found to disappear across the structural phase transition from antiferroelectric orthorhombic phase (Pbcm) to ferroelectric orthorhombic phase (Pmc21) phase for x>0.02. The… Expand
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