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Probing lens-induced gravitational-wave birefringence as a test of general relativity

  title={Probing lens-induced gravitational-wave birefringence as a test of general relativity},
  author={Srashti Goyal and Aditya Vijaykumar and Jose Mar{\'i}a Ezquiaga and Miguel Zumalac{\'a}rregui},



Gravitational wave lensing beyond general relativity: Birefringence, echoes, and shadows

Gravitational waves (GW), as light, are gravitationally lensed by intervening matter, deflecting their trajectories, delaying their arrival and occasionally producing multiple images. In theories

Observational future of cosmological scalar-tensor theories

The next generation of surveys will greatly improve our knowledge of cosmological gravity. In this paper we focus on how Stage IV photometric redshift surveys, including weak lensing and multiple t

Decoherence of Gravitational Wave Oscillations in Bigravity

Following up on our recent study, we consider the regime of graviton masses and gravitational wave propagation distances at which decoherence of the wave packets plays a major role for phenomenology.

Gravitational wave propagation beyond geometric optics

It is standard practice to study the lensing of gravitational waves (GW) using the geometric optics regime. However, in many astrophysical configurations this regime breaks down as the wavelength

Constraining gravitational wave amplitude birefringence and Chern-Simons gravity with GWTC-2

We perform a new test of general relativity (GR) with signals from GWTC-2, the LIGO and Virgo catalog of gravitational wave detections. We search for the presence of amplitude birefringence, in which

From the gates of the abyss: Frequency- and polarization-dependent lensing of gravitational waves in strong gravitational fields

The propagation of gravitational waves can be described in terms of null geodesics by using the geometrical optics approximation. However, at large but finite frequencies the propagation is affected by

To the problem of nonvanishing gravitation mass

Wave Effects in the Gravitational Lensing of Gravitational Waves from Chirping Binaries

In the gravitational lensing of gravitational waves, wave optics should be used instead of geometrical optics when the wavelength λ of the gravitational waves is longer than the Schwarzschild radius

Gravitational Wave Oscillations in Bigravity.

This work derives consistent equations for gravitational wave oscillations in bigravity and shows for the first time how this behavior arises explicitly, discusses phenomenological implications, and presents new limits on the graviton parameter space in big gravity.