Probing interactions between ultracold fermions.

  title={Probing interactions between ultracold fermions.},
  author={Gretchen K. Campbell and Martin M. Boyd and Jan W. Thomsen and Michael James Martin and Sebastian Blatt and Matthew D. Swallows and Travis L Nicholson and T. M. Fortier and C. W. Oates and Scott A. Diddams and N. D. Lemke and Pascal Naidon and Paul S Julienne and Jun Ye and Andrew D. Ludlow},
  volume={324 5925},
At ultracold temperatures, the Pauli exclusion principle suppresses collisions between identical fermions. This has motivated the development of atomic clocks with fermionic isotopes. However, by probing an optical clock transition with thousands of lattice-confined, ultracold fermionic strontium atoms, we observed density-dependent collisional frequency shifts. These collision effects were measured systematically and are supported by a theoretical description attributing them to… CONTINUE READING
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