Probing and controlling liquid crystal helical nanofilaments.


We report the first in situ measurement of the helical pitch of the helical nanofilament B4 phase of bent-core liquid crystals using linearly polarized, resonant soft X-ray scattering at the carbon K-edge. A strong, anisotropic scattering peak corresponding to the half-pitch of the twisted smectic layer structure was observed. The equilibrium helical half… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.5b00760


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@article{Zhu2015ProbingAC, title={Probing and controlling liquid crystal helical nanofilaments.}, author={Chenhui Zhu and Cheng Wang and Anthony Young and Feng Liu and Ilja Gunkel and Dong Chen and David M Walba and Joseph E Maclennan and N. Clark and Alexander Hexemer}, journal={Nano letters}, year={2015}, volume={15 5}, pages={3420-4} }