Probing a quantum gas with single Rydberg atoms

  title={Probing a quantum gas with single Rydberg atoms},
  author={Huan Nguyen and Tara Cubel Liebisch and Michael Schlagmuller and Graham Lochead and Karl M. Westphal and Robert J. Low and Sebastian Hofferberth and Tilman Pfau},
We present a novel spectroscopic method for probing the \insitu~density of quantum gases. We exploit the density-dependent energy shift of highly excited {Rydberg} states, which is of the order $10$\MHz\,/\,1E14\,cm$^{\text{-3}}$ for \rubidium~for triplet s-wave scattering. The energy shift combined with a density gradient can be used to localize Rydberg atoms in density shells with a spatial resolution less than optical wavelengths, as demonstrated by scanning the excitation laser spatially… CONTINUE READING