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Probing Neutral Triple Gauge Couplings at the LHC and Future Hadron Colliders

  title={Probing Neutral Triple Gauge Couplings at the LHC and Future Hadron Colliders},
  author={John Ellis and Hong-Jian He and Rui-Qing Xiao},
We study probes of neutral triple gauge couplings (nTGCs) at the LHC and proposed 100 TeV pp colliders, and compare their sensitivity reaches with those of proposed e + e − colliders. The nTGCs provide a unique window to the new physics beyond the Standard Model (SM) because they can arise from SM effective field theory (SMEFT) operators that respect the full electroweak gauge group SU(2) L ⊗ U(1) Y of the SM only at the level of dimension-8 or higher. We derive the neutral triple gauge vertices… 



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