Probing Interactions at the Nanoscale: Sensing Protein Molecules

  title={Probing Interactions at the Nanoscale: Sensing Protein Molecules},
  author={Lydia L. Sohn and Troy Christopher Messina and Larue N. Dunkleberger and Glennys Ann Mensing and Abigail Susan Kalmbach and Ron Weiss and David J. Beebe},
Introduction We have developed a high-frequency electronic biosensor of parallel-plate geometry that is embedded within a microfluidic device. This novel biosensor allows us to perform dielectric spectroscopy on a variety of biological samples—from cells to molecules—in solution. Because it is purely electronic, the sensor allows for rapid characterization with no sample preparation or chemical alteration. In addition, it is capable of probing length scales from millimeters to microns over a… CONTINUE READING

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