Probing DNA quaternary ordering with circular dichroism spectroscopy: Studies of equine sperm chromosomal fibers

  title={Probing DNA quaternary ordering with circular dichroism spectroscopy: Studies of equine sperm chromosomal fibers},
  author={Mary L. Sipski and Thomas E. Wagner},
Studies are described which strongly support a cholesteric liquid crystal‐like quaternary structure for the DNA molecules of a biologically native chromosomal preparation from equine sperm cells. Discrete chromosomal fibers released from the head pieces of equine spermatozoon cells were prepared intact and probed for liquid crystalline ordering using reflectance and linear dichroism spectroscopy. Assuming cholesteric liquid crystalline order for the DNA molecules within the chromatin fibers… Expand
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Subunit structure of Eutherian sperm chromatin.
Data from nuclease digestion studies in conjunction with electron microscopic evidence indicate that the gross structure of the unit Eutherian sperm chromosomal fiber consists of DNA folded around sperm specific histone multimers spaced regularly along the fiber generating a linear array of sperm nucleosomes connected by short stretches of uncomplexed DNA. Expand
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Cholesteric organization of DNA in the stallion sperm head.
The fine structure of chromatin in sperm heads was investigated by different microscopic techniques: in vivo examinations in the polarizing microscope, thin sections and freeze-fracture replicas observed by transmission electron microscopy, which presented a new interpretation of this lamellated aspect. Expand
DNA and protein content of mouse sperm. Implications regarding sperm chromatin structure.
It is shown that the DNA in the mouse sperm nucleus cannot be packaged in nucleosomes, and the protamines in sperm chromatin do not function as structural proteins, providing a subunit core around which the DNA is wrapped, but appear to completely neutralize the phosphodiester backbone of the DNA molecule. Expand
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Multiple liquid crystal phases of DNA at high concentrations
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Twisted liquid crystalline supramolecular arrangements in morphogenesis.
It appears that the building of cellular and extracellular edifices implies self-ordering processes of the liquid crystalline type and that the study of these mesomorphic states will help resolve basic questions about the structure and morphogenesis of densely packed biological structures. Expand
Structural polymorphism of liquid-crystalline dispersions of double-stranded DNA complexed with synthetic polycations
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Condensation of DNA by the C-terminal domain of histone H1. A circular dichroism study.
It is concluded that the condensation of DNA mediated by histone H1 is mainly due to its C-terminal domain, which is characterized by a nonconservative circular dichroism spectrum which is currently attributed to ordered aggregation of the DNA molecules. Expand


The role of disulfide reduction in chromatin release from equine sperm.
The induced expulsion of a condensed chromosomal strand from equine sperm head pieces by the combined action of guanidine HCl and β-mercaptoethanol is documented by scanning electron microscopy and the circular dichroism spectrum of a disordered gel state suggests that the DNA component of this chromosomal material may be in the compact ψ-DNA state. Expand
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Circular dichroism and rotatory dispersion near absorption bands of cholesteric liquid crystals
A macroscopic theory is developed to explain the intense and highly structured circular dichroism (CD) and optical rotary dispersion (ORD) measurements of cholesteric liquid crystals in spectralExpand
A transition to a compact form of DNA in polymer solutions.
  • L. Lerman
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1971
In the presence of over-threshold concentrations of simple neutral polymers and salts, DNA undergoes a cooperative change in its solution structure and collapses into particles approaching the compactness of the contents of phage heads. Expand
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