Probenvorbehandlungsstudien mit biologischen und Umweltmaterialien

  title={Probenvorbehandlungsstudien mit biologischen und Umweltmaterialien},
  author={Michael W{\"u}rfels and Ewald Jackwerth and Markus Stoeppler},
  journal={Fresenius' Zeitschrift f{\"u}r analytische Chemie},
SummaryThe efficiency of wet digestion with nitric acid at 320 °C by use of the high pressure asher published by Knapp [10] has been studied with a series of biological materials which usually are only incompletely decomposed by pressure digestion at 170 °C in PTFE vessels. For that purpose the residual carbon content of the digestion solution was determined by coulometry after combustion in an oxygen stream. The results verify a complete sample digestion already after digestion times of less… CONTINUE READING