Probe-based 3-D nanolithography using self-amplified depolymerization polymers.

  title={Probe-based 3-D nanolithography using self-amplified depolymerization polymers.},
  author={Armin W Knoll and David Pires and Olivier Coulembier and Philippe Dubois and James L. Hedrick and Jane Frommer and Urs Duerig},
  journal={Advanced materials},
  volume={22 31},
Scanning probes are capable of addressing and modifying surface structures on the atomic scale, [ 1 ] a capability that has been exploited to create molecular logic devices. [ 2 ] However, in realworld applications, the production of nanoscale patterns and devices requires substantial throughput capabilities in combination with suffi cient tip endurance to address areas on the order of 0.1–1 mm 2 at high resolution. At a typical pixel pitch of 10 nm, this translates to 10 8 –10 10 pixels being… CONTINUE READING
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