Probable metabolic interaction of doxifluridine with phenytoin.

  title={Probable metabolic interaction of doxifluridine with phenytoin.},
  author={Hiroki Konishi and Kunihiko Morita and Tokuzo Minouchi and Masayuki Nakajima and M Matsuda and Akira Yamaji},
  journal={The Annals of pharmacotherapy},
  volume={36 5},
OBJECTIVE To report the marked elevation of the serum phenytoin concentration during treatment with antineoplastic agents. CASE SUMMARY A 51-year-old Japanese woman, who was diagnosed with multiple brain metastatic tumors, was placed on oral phenytoin at a maintenance dose of 200 mg/d (3.8 mg/kg/d) to prevent seizures. The serum concentration of phenytoin was well controlled within the therapeutic range; no seizures occurred. Four months later, combination therapy with doxifluridine (5'-DFUR… CONTINUE READING