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Probable Psychological Impacts of Environmental Pollution ( Oil Spills ) in the Coastal Areas of the Niger Delta of Nigeria : a Philosophical Discourse

  title={Probable Psychological Impacts of Environmental Pollution ( Oil Spills ) in the Coastal Areas of the Niger Delta of Nigeria : a Philosophical Discourse},
  author={Kay Chinonyelum Nwamaka Onyechi and Chiedu Eseadi and Felix Okechukwu Ugwuozor and Joachim Chinweike Omeje and Dominic Ugwoke Ngwoke},
The major environmental issue in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria concerns its petroleum industry’s oil spills. Until this time, several studies and media reports have focused on its impacts on the arable land as well as socioeconomic survival of the people in the region, neglecting the psychological well-being of these inhabitants. The present paper adopts an interdisciplinary approach to uncover the probable psychological impacts of this environmental hazard on the residents in the Niger… 
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