Probabilistic load flow: A review

  title={Probabilistic load flow: A review},
  author={P. Chen and Z. Chen and Birgitte Bak‐Jensen},
  journal={2008 Third International Conference on Electric Utility Deregulation and Restructuring and Power Technologies},
  • P. ChenZ. ChenB. Bak‐Jensen
  • Published 6 April 2008
  • Engineering
  • 2008 Third International Conference on Electric Utility Deregulation and Restructuring and Power Technologies
This paper reviews the development of the probabilistic load flow (PLF) techniques. Applications of the PLF techniques in different areas of power system steady-state analysis are also discussed. The purpose of the review is to identify different available PLF techniques and their corresponding suitable applications so that a relatively accurate and efficient PLF algorithm can be determined for the concerned system, e.g. a distribution system with large integration of renewable energy based… 

Load flow calculations in distribution systems with distributed resources. A review

The models and techniques developed to date for load flow calculations in distribution systems with DR penetration are reviewed.

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This paper examines the practical application of the Unscented Transform (UT) method in carrying out load flow studies in distributions systems with embedded generation and unbalanced loading. A

Cumulant-based probabilistic load flow analysis of wind power and electric vehicles

  • P. AmidC. Crawford
  • Engineering, Physics
    2016 International Conference on Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems (PMAPS)
  • 2016
In this study, a new Cumulant-based method is used to assess power flows using one of the IEEE standard networks as the case study and the capabilities and reliability of the method are demonstrated.

Comparing probabilistic load flow methods in dealing with uncertainties at TSO/DSO interface

It is shown that for the 6-bus Roy Billinton Test System, using normally distributed random variables, the analytical method is a suitable alternative to the numerical method, reducing computational effort while retaining considerable accuracy.

Heuristic probabilistic power flow algorithm for microgrids operation and planning

A heuristic load flow method considering the effects of intermittent behaviour of RERs and load is modelled in probabilistic load flow (PLF) algorithm, suitable for both radial and weakly meshed distribution networks with RER for operation and planning of microgrids.

A Review of Load Flow Methodologies for Constrained Networks: A South African Case Study

  • J. de BruynB. BekkerA. Dalton
  • Engineering
    2022 International Conference on Electrical, Computer, Communications and Mechatronics Engineering (ICECCME)
  • 2022
South Africa, along with the rest of the world, is becoming increasingly dependent on variable renewable energy sources which increase the uncertainties associated with operating and planning a power

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Uncertainties in smart distribution grids operation are important and challenging issues. The integration of the renewable energy resources (RERs) into the conventional distribution networks changes



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An application of the probabilistic load flow techniques to the expansion planning of power systems is presented and special emphasis is given to short-term and long-term modeling using analyses of real system load data.

Probabilistic a.c. load flow

Two possible formulations of the problem are presented that permit the probability-density curves of the angles, voltages, injected reactive powers and active and reactive power flows to be computed.

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This paper presents a method for network constrained setting of power system control variables based on probabilistic load flow analysis. The method determines operating constraint violations for a

Probabilistic optimal power flow

In this formulation, system demand is taken as a random vector of correlated variables, which allows us to consider the dependence between load types and locations and the optimality conditions are considered as a general nonlinear probabilistic transformation.

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The paper describes a method for evaluation of power flow which takes into consideration uncertainty of node data. The essence of the method is that the net loads are given as a set of values

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This paper presents a new method for obtaining a probabilistic load flow solution when dependence between the input nodal powers is considered. Such dependence is modeled in order to account for the

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Many techniques have been proposed to solve the load flow problem probabilistically. The great majority have only accounted for load and generation data uncertainties, and therefore, the network

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The paper presents the advantages offered by probabilistic load flow when used for the assessment of voltage instability. The probability density functions of voltages and of unit reactive

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The authors present some applications of the probabilistic load flow (PLF) program FLUXP, to assist the decision-making process utilized in operations and expansion planning studies. The main

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