Probabilistic Yielding and Cyclic Behavior of Geomaterials


In this paper, the novel concept of probabilistic yielding is used for 1–D cyclic simulation of the constitutive behavior of geomaterials. Fokker–Planck–Kolmogorov (FPK) equation based probabilistic elastic–plastic constitutive framework is applied for obtaining the complete probabilistic (probability density function) material response. Both perfectly plastic and hardening type material models are considered. It is shown that when uncertainties in material parameters are taken in consideration, even the simple, elastic–perfectly plastic model captures some of the important features of geomaterial behavior, for example, modulus reduction with cyclic strain, which, deterministically, is only possible with more advanced constitutive models. Further, it is also shown that the use of isotropic and kinematic hardening rules does not significantly improve the probabilistic material response.

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