Probabilistic Top- ${k}$ Dominating Query Monitoring Over Multiple Uncertain IoT Data Streams in Edge Computing Environments

  title={Probabilistic Top- \$\{k\}\$ Dominating Query Monitoring Over Multiple Uncertain IoT Data Streams in Edge Computing Environments},
  author={Chuan-Chi Lai and Tien-Chun Wang and Chuan-Ming Liu and Li-Chun Wang},
  journal={IEEE Internet of Things Journal},
Extracting the valuable features and information in big data has become one of the important research issues in data science. In most Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the collected data are uncertain and imprecise due to sensor device variations or transmission errors. In addition, the sensing data may change as time evolves. We refer an uncertain data stream as a dataset that has velocity, veracity, and volume properties simultaneously. This paper employs the parallelism in edge… Expand
Efficient and Robust Top-k Algorithms for Big Data IoT
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Cloud-Edge Orchestration for the Internet of Things: Architecture and AI-Powered Data Processing
  • Yulei Wu
  • Computer Science
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  • 2021
This article first introduces a kind of computing architecture from the perspective of IoT applications, then investigates the state-of-the-art proposals on AI-powered cloud-edge orchestration for the IoT and identifies potential research challenges and open issues. Expand
Highly Efficient Indexing Scheme for k-Dominant Skyline Processing over Uncertain Data Streams
  • Chuan-Chi Lai, Hsuan-Yu Lin, Chuan-Ming Liu
  • Computer Science
  • 2021 30th Wireless and Optical Communications Conference (WOCC)
  • 2021
An effective method is proposed, Middle Indexing (MI), which filters out a large amount of irrelevant data in the uncertain data stream by sorting data specifically, so as to improve the efficiency of updating the k-dominant skyline. Expand
RPC: Representative possible world based consistent clustering algorithm for uncertain data
This paper proposes a representative possible world based consistent clustering (RPC) algorithm for uncertain data and integrates a consistency learning procedure into spectral clustering to deal with the representative possible worlds synergistically, thus utilizing the consistency to achieve better performance. Expand
QoS Driven Task Offloading and Resource Allocation at Edge Servers in RAN Slicing
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Probabilistic Skyline Query Processing over Uncertain Data Streams in Edge Computing Environments
This paper proposes a new algorithm for processing probabilistic skyline queries over uncertain data streams in an edge computing environment that reduces the response time by more than 50% compared with the brute force method on two-dimensional data but also maintains the leading processing speed on high-dimensionalData. Expand


Continuous Monitoring of Top-k Dominating Queries over Uncertain Data Streams
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Identifying Top k Dominating Objects over Uncertain Data
The top k dominating model is formally introduced based on the state-of-the-art top k semantic over uncertain data and novel pruning techniques are proposed by utilizing the spatial indexing and statistic information, which significantly improve the performance of the algorithms in terms of CPU and I/O costs. Expand
A survey of queries over uncertain data
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Sliding window top-k dominating query processing over distributed data streams
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Top-k Dominating Queries on Incomplete Data
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Space Filling Approach for Distributed Processing of Top-k Dominating Queries
An efficient decentralized algorithm that exploits virtual points and returns the exact answer is proposed, which is utilized to focus on the data space to be preferentially searched and also to limit the search space to prune unnecessary computation and data forwarding. Expand
Finding Top- $k$ Dominance on Incomplete Big Data Using MapReduce Framework
The proposed MapReduced Enhanced Bitmap Index Guided Algorithm (MRBIG) uses the MapReduce framework to enhance the performance of applying top-<inline-formula> <tex-math notation="LaTeX">$k$ </tex-Math></inline- formula> dominance queries on large incomplete datasets. Expand
Threshold-based probabilistic top-k dominating queries
This paper formally defines the problem of efficiently computing top-k dominating queries on uncertain data, and develops an efficient, threshold-based algorithm to compute the exact solution and an efficient randomized algorithm with an accuracy guarantee. Expand
Continuous monitoring of top-k queries over sliding windows
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