Probabilistic Latent Variable Models as Nonnegative Factorizations


This paper presents a family of probabilistic latent variable models that can be used for analysis of nonnegative data. We show that there are strong ties between nonnegative matrix factorization and this family, and provide some straightforward extensions which can help in dealing with shift invariances, higher-order decompositions and sparsity constraints. We argue through these extensions that the use of this approach allows for rapid development of complex statistical models for analyzing nonnegative data.

DOI: 10.1155/2008/947438

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@article{Shashanka2008ProbabilisticLV, title={Probabilistic Latent Variable Models as Nonnegative Factorizations}, author={Madhusudana V. S. Shashanka and Bhiksha Raj and Paris Smaragdis}, journal={Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience}, year={2008}, volume={2008}, pages={66 - 76} }