Probabilistic Analysis of an Ancient Undeciphered Script

  title={Probabilistic Analysis of an Ancient Undeciphered Script},
  author={Rajesh P. N. Rao},
Probabilistic methods for analyzing sequences are providing new insights into the 4,000-year-old undeciphered script of the Indus civilization. 
Determining Statistical Signatures for Undeciphered Scripts and Corpora : the case of the Indus Valley Signs
The paper first makes an assessment of a number of arguments about the linguistic or purely semiotic status of the Indus Valley Signs. A ccording to the author it is hard to believe that a wellExpand
On statistical measures and ancient writing systems
An article published in Language (Sproat 2014a) questions our findings on the Indus script and Pictish symbols published in the journals Science (Rao et al. 2009a), PNAS (Rao et al. 2009b), IEEEExpand
Statistical Shape Descriptors for Ancient Maya Hieroglyphs Analysis
Keywords: content-based image retrieval ; shape descriptor ; histogram of orientations ; clustering ; sparse coding ; image detection ; cultural heritage ; Maya civilization ; hieroglyphs These EcoleExpand
The Indus Script and Economics. A Role for Indus Seals and Tablets in Rationing and Administration of Labor
It is shown that similar inscriptions are found on stamp seals, leading to the potentially provocative conclusion that rather than simply indicating ownership of property, Indus seals may have been used for generating tokens, tablets and sealings for repetitive economic transactions such as rations and exchange of canonical amounts of goods, grains, animals, and labor in a barter-based economy. Expand
Toward a quantitative semiotics ?
This paper will demonstrate that the lack of quantitative, data-based research about nonlinguistic symbol sets that still have internal structure is already adversely affecting linguistics itself. WeExpand
Commentary and Discussion: Entropy, the Indus Script, and Language: A Reply to R. Sproat
A more accurate description of the authors' work is presented, the straw man argument used in Sproat (2010) is pointed out, and a more complete characterization of the Indus script debate is provided. Expand
How Natural Are Artificial Languages
Compared the statistical properties of two different artificial languages, Klingon and Lojban, to Rao et al. Expand
Last Words: Ancient Symbols, Computational Linguistics, and the Reviewing Practices of the General Science Journals
Until recently nobody had argued that statistical techniques could be used to determine that a symbol system is linguistic, and it was therefore quite a surprise when a short article by Rajesh Rao of the University of Washington and colleagues at two appeared in Science. Expand
The Relaxed Hilberg Conjecture: A Review and New Experimental Support
  • L. Debowski
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • J. Quant. Linguistics
  • 2015
The relaxed Hilberg conjecture seems to be a likely and important hypothesis concerning natural language. Expand
Constant conditional entropy and related hypotheses
It is shown that constant entropy rate (CER) and two interpretations for uniform information density (UID), full UID and strong UID, are inconsistent with these laws and are incomplete hypotheses about the scaling of conditional entropies. Expand