Proarrhythmia with non-antiarrhythmics. A review.

  title={Proarrhythmia with non-antiarrhythmics. A review.},
  author={Carlos A Albrecht},
  volume={102 3},
In 1987, at the American College of Cardiology national meeting, a group of physicians from Europe and the United States agreed to use the term 'arrhythmogenesis' to refer to an aggravation or provocation of arrhythmias resulting from any cause and specifically to use the word 'proarrhythmia' when such arrhythmogenesis is from drug therapy. Proarrhythmia is thus, defined as the potential of cardiac and non-cardiac drugs to induce or exacerbate arrhythmias. It is a relatively common finding in… CONTINUE READING

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