Proanthocyanidin dimers fromSpiraea hypericifolia

  title={Proanthocyanidin dimers fromSpiraea hypericifolia},
  author={L. T. Pashinina and N. Storozhenko and T. Chumbalov},
  journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds},
SummaryFrom the bark and roots ofSpiraea hypericifolia L. we have isolated and identified proanthocyanidins consisting of dimers of 3,3′,4′,5,7-pentahydroxyflavans: a dimer from the bark (B-1) with the 2R:3R configuration of the asymmetric centers of the “top” half of the molecule and 2R:3S of the “bottom” half and a dimer from the roots with the 2R:3R configurations of the asymmetric centers of both the “top” and “bottom” halves of the molecule.