Proactive caching for Producer mobility management in Named Data Networks


Named Data Networks (NDNs) offer a promising paradigm for the future Internet to cope with the growing demand for data and the shifts in applications. One of the main challenges in NDNs is how to support a seamless operation during mobility. In this paper, we propose a proactive caching scheme (named ProCacheMob) to support Producer mobility that exploits location predictors and data requests patterns to cache data before handover occurs. In essence, ProCacheMob adopts the predicted future Interests, that will be sent to the mobile Producers, and caches their data contents ahead of handover. Thus, avoids Interest retransmission that increases the Consumer's delay and decreases the network efficiency during Producer's mobility. ProCacheMob is simulated in ndnSIM and evaluated against mainstream NDN mobility solutions. The simulation results show how the scheme is successful to avoid packets drops and decreases the delay experienced by Consumers by 52% compared to other schemes.

DOI: 10.1109/IWCMC.2017.7986281

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@article{Farahat2017ProactiveCF, title={Proactive caching for Producer mobility management in Named Data Networks}, author={Hisham Farahat and Hossam S. Hassanein}, journal={2017 13th International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC)}, year={2017}, pages={171-176} }