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Proactive Query Expansion for Streaming Data Using External Source

  title={Proactive Query Expansion for Streaming Data Using External Source},
  author={Farah Alshanik and Amy W. Apon and Yuheng Du and Alexander Herzog and Ilya Safro},
Query expansion is the process of reformulating the original query by adding relevant words. Choosing which terms to add in order to improve the performance of the query expansion methods or to enhance the quality of the retrieved results is an important aspect of any information retrieval system. Adding words that can positively impact the quality of the search query or are informative enough play an important role in returning or gathering relevant documents that cover a certain topic can… 


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A topic-based feedback model with three different strategies for finding a good query-related topic based on the Latent Dirichlet Allocation model is proposed that achieves statistically significant improvements over a strong feedback model in the language modeling framework.
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This paper describes a new relevance feedback method that uses latent topic information extracted from target documents by means of latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA) and expands the initial query by providing the topic distributions of the documents retrieved at the first search.
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