ProSAAS processing in mouse brain and pituitary.

  title={ProSAAS processing in mouse brain and pituitary.},
  author={Nino Mzhavia and Yemiliya Berman and Fa-yun Che and Lloyd D Fricker and Lakshmi A Devi},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={276 9},
ProSAAS is a newly discovered protein with a neuroendocrine distribution generally similar to that of prohormone convertase 1 (PC1), a peptide-processing endopeptidase. Several proSAAS-derived peptides were previously identified in the brain and pituitary of the Cpe(fat)/Cpe(fat) mouse based on the accumulation of C-terminally extended peptides due to the absence of enzymatically active carboxypeptidase E, a peptide-processing exopeptidase. In the present study, antisera against different… CONTINUE READING