Pro-apoptotic function of GABA-related transcripts following stroke.

  title={Pro-apoptotic function of GABA-related transcripts following stroke.},
  author={Nadine Jaenisch and Anke Popp and Madlen Guenther and Juliane Schnabel and Otto W. Witte and Christiane Frahm},
  journal={Neurobiology of disease},
Following cerebral injuries such as stroke, a structural and functional reorganization of the impaired tissue occurs, which is often accompanied by a re-expression of developmental genes. During brain development, embryonic splice variants of the GABA-synthesizing GAD67 gene (collectively termed EGAD) participate in cell proliferation, migration, and neuronal differentiation. We thus hypothesized an involvement of EGAD in post-ischemic plasticity. EGAD transcripts were up-regulated at early… CONTINUE READING