Pro(re-)claiming Loss: A Performance Pilgrimage in Search of Malintzin Tenépal

  title={Pro(re-)claiming Loss: A Performance Pilgrimage in Search of Malintzin Ten{\'e}pal},
  author={Bernadette Marie Calafell},
  journal={Text and Performance Quarterly},
  pages={43 - 56}
  • B. Calafell
  • Published 1 January 2005
  • Art
  • Text and Performance Quarterly
This performance ethnography examines the author's pilgrimage to Mexico City in search of Malintzin Tenépal. The essay seeks to contribute to the Chicana feminist project of reclaiming the narrative or voice of Malintzin Tenépal by means of autoethnographic narrative, as opposed to more standard prose or poetic forms. By embodying Malintzin's story through her own, the author creates or reclaims her own voice and narrative through a performative process of “working through” a loss or grief that… 
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