Privileged Coordinates and Nilpotent Approximation for Carnot Manifolds, II. Carnot Coordinates

  title={Privileged Coordinates and Nilpotent Approximation for Carnot Manifolds, II. Carnot Coordinates},
  author={Woocheol Choi and Rapha{\"e}l Ponge},
  journal={Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems},
  • Woocheol Choi, Raphaël Ponge
  • Published 2017
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems
  • This paper is a sequel of Choi and Ponge (J Dyn Control Syst 25:109–157, 2019) and deals with privileged coordinates and nilpotent approximation of Carnot manifolds. By a Carnot manifold, it is meant a manifold equipped with a filtration by subbundles of the tangent bundle which is compatible with the Lie bracket of vector fields. In this paper, we single out a special class of privileged coordinates in which the nilpotent approximation at a given point of a Carnot manifold is given by its… CONTINUE READING
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