Privatization and Regulatory Reform in Brazil: The Case of Freight Railways

  title={Privatization and Regulatory Reform in Brazil: The Case of Freight Railways},
  author={Antonio Zheng Kangbin Estache and Andrea Goldstein and Russell Pittman},
  journal={Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade},
A variety of proposals for creating more competition within the railroad sector and in the broader freight transport sector are under consideration in countries throughout the world. Brazil, though something of a latecomer to wider infrastructure reform, has recently taken large steps in restructuring its railroad system. This paper analyzes Brazil’s ongoing railroad reforms, seeking to place them in the context both of the broader reform project going on in Brazil and of railroad reforms… 
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Bank documents and on numerous outside sources. The following authors prepared background papers for this Report: István Ábel, Cecile Aubert, Arup Banerji, Erik Berglöf, Lisa Bernstein, Timothy