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Private communication

  title={Private communication},
  author={Norman S. Barnett and Sever Silvestru Dragomir},

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Free radical cyclizations


Diffractive Processes

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Stereochemical problems in macrolide antibiotics

  • W. D. Celmer
  • Chemistry
    Pure and applied chemistry. Chimie pure et appliquee
  • 1971
Although the configurational and conformational models for macrolide antibiotics are still undergoing further refinements, they have proven useful during the entire course of their development in testing certain biogenetic and physico-chemical theories.



A statistical theory of mobile-radio reception

The statistical characteristics of the fields and signals in the reception of radio frequencies by a moving vehicle are deduced from a scattering propagation model. The model assumes that the field

The U.N. & the Public: A Multidimensional Analysis of the Meanings of a Social Institution

  • "Unipolar vs. Bipolar Semantic Differentials,"
  • 1957

1961-62 "An Analysis of the Cold War Mentality," correspondence, outline, reprint, 1960-61 "Rational Defense

  • Nuclear Displacement,"
  • 1959

folders) Workshop, symposium, forum, speech announcement

  • 1962

Letters by others re assistantships & research

  • Departmental Business (2 folders),
  • 1950

1965-70 Hoosain, Rumjahn

  • Minou, Forough al-Zaman (Mrs. Archer),
  • 1960

On Escalation: Metaphors and Scenarios,

  • Quantum Linguistics Digital Computer and Structure,
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Factor Analysis of Meaning," Osgood & George Suki, correspondence and galley

  • 1954