Private Small-Cloud Computing in Connection with Linux Thin Client


This study introduces a “Private Small-Cloud Computing” (PSCC). The idea of private small-cloud computing is based on three concepts: small clusters, virtualization, and general graphics processor. In this study, a small-cloud is a cloud controller (CLC ) via a wired or wireless network connected to several mobile or stationary client devices, and afterward a cloud controller (CLC ) connected to several small cluster controller (CC), in which the cloud system can activate SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services. An open source Ubuntu Enterprise Server with the option Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud is utilized to build the private small-cloud computing. We also explored how to use the limited resources of Linux-based embedded devices to achieve the "cloud computing", in addition to using the wired Ethernet connection, and further use of wireless mobile devices IEEE802.3b/g or 3G to connect. Here JamVM virtual machine is employed to achieve J2ME environment and GNU Classpath is used as the Java Class Libraries. Finally, the experiment on rapid identification using intelligent access control security system within 0.5 seconds validates the proposed PSCC architecture having the excellent performance.

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