Private Cloud: Effective Strategy in Developed Countries Case Study: Sudanese Universities

  title={Private Cloud: Effective Strategy in Developed Countries Case Study: Sudanese Universities},
  author={A. Osman},
  journal={IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering},
  • A. Osman
  • Published 2017
  • Computer Science
  • IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering
In order to achieve their business goals, educational organizations and institutions all over the World have become more dependent on information and communication technology (ICT. [...] Key Method The solution took into account the unique features of Sudan and its related cultural context, flexibility, availability, security, quality of services and minimum operational cost. The solution highlights that the cloud computing technology is becoming an effective technology, for the reason that it is dynamic…Expand
Cloud Computing Adoption at Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Sudan
Education today is becoming completely associated with the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on the content delivery, communication and collaboration. Cloud computing simply involves theExpand


Using Cloud Computing in Higher Education: A Strategy to Improve Agility in the Current Financial Crisis
The research methodology consisted in a rigorous analysis of the latest research on Cloud Computing as an alternative to IT provision, management and security, plus the authors’ experience in IT and higher education to find alternatives to the use of IT, while leading universities to improve agility and obtain savings. Expand
Proposed Academic Cloud Computing for Saudi Universities and Higher Institutes
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  • Computer Science
  • 2010 International Conference on Education and Management Technology
  • 2010
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  • Mohssen M. Alabbadi
  • Computer Science
  • 2011 14th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning
  • 2011
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