Privacy-preserving genomic testing in the clinic: a model using HIV treatment

  title={Privacy-preserving genomic testing in the clinic: a model using HIV treatment},
  author={Paul J. McLaren and Jean Louis Raisaro and Manel Aouri and Margalida Rotger and Erman Ayday and Istv{\'a}n Bartha and Maria Belen Delgado and Yannick Vallet and Huldrych F. G{\"u}nthard and Matthias Cavassini and Hansjakob Furrer and Thanh Doco-Lecompte and Catia Marzolini and Patrick Schmid and Caroline Di Benedetto and Laurent A Decosterd and Jacques Fellay and Jean-Pierre Hubaux and Amalio Telenti},
  booktitle={Genetics in Medicine},
Purpose:The implementation of genomic-based medicine is hindered by unresolved questions regarding data privacy and delivery of interpreted results to health-care practitioners. We used DNA-based prediction of HIV-related outcomes as a model to explore critical issues in clinical genomics.Methods:We genotyped 4,149 markers in HIV-positive individuals… CONTINUE READING

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