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Privacy in the Digital Age: Work in Progress

  title={Privacy in the Digital Age: Work in Progress},
  author={Jerry Berman and D. Mulligan},
  journal={Nova Law Review},
Sources and antecedents of brand equity for online companies
The area of Brand Equity has received considerable attention during the past twenty years. The importance of a brand emanates from the fact that brand recognition and positive associations with itExpand
Cyberethics in the Googling Age
Investigating the Relationship between Internet Privacy Concerns and Online Purchase Behavior
Managerial implications include the careful selection of communication channels for maximum impact, the maintenance of discrete “permission-based” contact with consumers, and accurate recording and handling of data. Expand
The moderating role of subjective norms and self-congruence in customer purchase intentions in the LCC market: Do not tell me I am cheap
Abstract Low-cost carriers (LCCs) have matured and influenced the global airline industry with their low fares. Because competitors can easily match prices, however, LCCs find it more challenging toExpand
Is the market for digital privacy a failure?
Conventional wisdom holds that the market for digital privacy fails owing to widespread informational asymmetry between digital firms and their customers, behavioral biases exhibited by thoseExpand
Based on GDPR privacy in UML: Case of e-learning program
  • Eirini Mougiakou, M. Virvou
  • Computer Science
  • 2017 8th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems & Applications (IISA)
  • 2017
By combining regulation, information privacy and best practices into UML use case diagrams, paper in hand examines GDPR requirements by utilizing the educational e-platform paradigm “Law Courses” and aims to equip engineers with a GDPR-standards compatible software incorporation case. Expand
Policy and Management
August 1999 CROSSTALK The Journal of Defense Software Engineering 3 On March 23, 1999, Dr. Jacques Gansler, the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition and Technology), added acquisition softwareExpand
What's In Your Digital Wallet? Is It Your Identity And Have You Lost Your Personhood?
Do the devices we use redefine what it is like to be human? This thesis looks at whether digital wallets are determining our identity and deemphasizing personhood, leading to ethical and socialExpand
Determiners of Consumer Trust Towards Electronic Commerce: An Application to Puerto Rico
Electronic commerce is the new technology that companies use to offer a variety of their products and services at low prices to consumers. Consumers exist that ask just how safe it is to giveExpand