Privacy and Security Mechanisms for eHealth Monitoring Systems


The rapid scientific and technological merging between Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and wireless body area networks (WBANs) have significantly contributed to the advent of e-healthcare. Due to this the quality of medicinal care has also been improved. Specifically, patient-centric health care monitoring plays important role in e-healthcare facilities by providing important assistance in different areas, including medical data collection and aggregation, data transmission, data processing, data query, and so on. This paper proposed an architectural framework to describe complete monitoring life cycle and indicates the important service modules. More meticulous discussions are then devoted to data gathering at patient side, which definitely serves as essential basis in achieving efficient, vigorous and protected patient health monitoring. Different design challenges are also analyzed to develop a high quality and protected patient-centric monitoring systems along with their possible potential solutions. Keywords—Wireless body area network; e-healthcare; mobile crowd sensing

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