Privacy and Identity Management for Life

  title={Privacy and Identity Management for Life},
  author={Jan Camenisch and Simone Fischer-Hbner and Kai Rannenberg},
  booktitle={Privacy and Identity Management for Life},
At the end of the PrimeLife EU project, a book will contain the main research results. It will address primarily researchers. In addition to fundamental research it will contain description of best practice solutions. 
Big Data, Privacy, and Trusted Web: What Needs to Be Done
This perspective paper discusses challenges and risks of the information age, and the implications for the information and communication technologies that need to be built and operated and proposes a concept for a future, self-organising and trusted Web.
Privacy Management in Global Organisations
  • Siani Pearson
  • Computer Science
    Communications and Multimedia Security
  • 2012
Meeting privacy requirements can be challenging for global organisations, particularly where future Internet service provision models are involved. In this paper approaches will be explained that can
Privacy Issues in Cross-Border Identity Management Systems: Pan-European Case
The paper presents a Pan-European Identity Management System that was developed through the concerted efforts of several European research initiatives, and identifies gaps in the privacy protection
On the Relationship between the Different Methods to Address Privacy Issues in the Cloud
The role of security in privacy by design is discussed in this paper, as well as the relationship of these to accountability, and the focus within these discussions is on technological methods to support privacy and data protection in cloud scenarios.
Privacy Protection Goals and Their Implications for eID Systems
The recently developed privacy-specific protection goals unlinkability, transparency and intervenability complement these classic goals and thereby provide cornerstones to define requirements concerning information security as well as privacy and to assess solutions.
Privacy in the Life-Cycle of IT Services - An Investigation of Process Reference Models
In this paper widely-used process reference models CMMI and ITIL are analysed and it is investigated to what extent privacy is already incorporated and what existing approaches could be recommended otherwise.
Moving beyond consent in data privacy law. An effective privacy management system for Internet services
The proposed legal measures aim to overcome the shortcomings of procedural principles by implementing a comprehensive model in which substantive legal principle underpins a bundle of statutory-level laws which enable privacy management functions.
Distributed, Highly-Scalable, Sticky Policies Implementation for Healthcare
This paper outlines some of the key functional characteristics required for the creation of secure identity and identity meta-data framework hosted in the cloud. Many information infrastructures are
A method for data minimization in personal information sharing
The primary goal of this paper is to present a conceptual modelling method, including the framework, modelling process and the basic modelling constructs, which enables minimization of data.
Data Protection by Default in Identity-Related Applications
Recommendations for typical identity-related application scenarios such as social network sites, user tracking on the web and user-controlled management of one’s identities are described.


Security without identification: transaction systems to make big brother obsolete
The large-scale automated transaction systems of the near future can be designed to protect the privacy and maintain the security of both individuals and organizations.
Biometrics - How to Put to Use and How Not at All?
The main conclusion is that biometrics should be used between human being and his/her personal devices only.
Privacy and Freedom
  • 1968