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Prison Sex: Practice and Policy

  title={Prison Sex: Practice and Policy},
  author={C. Hensley},
Introduction: Life and Sex in Prison - C. Hensley. Slang and the Prison Sexual Hierarchy - T. Castle, C. Hensley, and R. Tewksbury. Nonconsensual Sexual Behavior - J. Kunselman, R. Tewksbury, R. Dumond, and D.A. Dumond. Prison Staff and Male Rape - H. Eigenberg. The Treatment of Sexual Assault Victims - R. Dumond and D.A. Dumond. Training Staff on Inmate Sexual Assault - R. Dumond and D.A. Dumond. Inmates with HIV/AIDS: A Growing Concern - R.L. Gido. Consensual Sexual Behavior - M. Kocheski, C… Expand
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Sex and Sexuality in Women’s Prisons
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Sexual Violence Inside Prisons: Rates of Victimization
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The Sexual Health and Behaviour of Male Prisoners: The Need for Research
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The Evolving Nature of Prison Argot and Sexual Hierarchies
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Rape and Consensual Sex in Male Israeli Prisons
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Wardens’ Perceptions of Prison Sex
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The Social Construction of Sexuality in Prison
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