Prior-based Segmentation and Shape Registration in the Presence of Perspective Distortion


Challenging object detection and segmentation tasks can be facilitated by the availability of a reference object. However, accounting for possible transformations between the different object views, as part of the segmentation process, remains difficult. Recent statistical methods address this problem by using comprehensive training data. Other techniques can only accommodate similarity transformations. We suggest a novel variational approach to prior-based segmentation, using a single reference object, that accounts for planar projective transformation. Generalizing the Chan-Vese level set framework, we introduce a novel shape-similarity measure and embed the projective homography between the prior shape and the image to segment within a region-based segmentation functional. The proposed algorithm detects the object of interest, extracts its boundaries, and concurrently carries out the registration to the prior shape. We demonstrate prior-based segmentation on a variety of images and verify the accuracy of the recovered transformation parameters.

DOI: 10.1007/s11263-006-9042-y

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