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Prior Four Year College Degree and Academic Performance of First Year Pharmacy Students: A Three Year Study

  title={Prior Four Year College Degree and Academic Performance of First Year Pharmacy Students: A Three Year Study},
  author={Marie A. Chisholm and Henry H. Cobb and Jeffrey A. Kotzan and Gary J. Lautenschlager},
The objective of the study was to determine whether students who achieved a four-year college degree prior to entering pharmacy school had significantly higher first year pharmacy school grade point averages than students without a prior four year college degree. All students who entered the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy during 1992, 1993, and 1994 were included in the study. A total of 342 pharmacy student records were audited from the entering professional classes of 1992, 1993… 
Students Performance Throughout the Professional Curriculum and the Influence of Achieving a Prior Degree
Student attrition was greatest in the first-year of pharmacy school, and students who had a prior four-year college degree had significantly higher first- year pharmacy school GPAs than students without a prior college degree.
Predictors of academic success in a doctor of pharmacy program.
Advanced biology coursework and a science baccalaureate degree were significantly associated with academic success in pharmacy school and on multivariate analysis, only advanced biology course work remained a significant predictor of success.
Prepharmacy years in college and academic performance in a professional program.
Students who obtain a bachelor's degree perform better academically presumably because of previous college experiences, compared to those with other levels of education including those who entered through the EA program.
Predictors of academic performance of pharmacy students based on admission criteria in a 3-year pharmacy program
It is revealed that admission variables, such as math/science prerequisite GPA and prior bachelor's degree, predicted academic performance in the first and second professional years of a three-year Doctor of Pharmacy program, consistent with previous studies at four-year Pharmacy programs.
The Predictive Value of a School of Origin Variable in Pharmacy Student Academic Performance
Defining a school of origin variable based upon the location of completion of the majority of pre-pharmacy course work aids in the prediction of first-year pharmacy students' academic performance in addition to a traditional model of PCAT and GPA and prior degree.
Relationship between student leadership activities and prepharmacy years in college.
Although no relationship was found between pharmacy students' involvement in leadership activities and number of prepharmacy years of education, the importance of predictive factors and approaches to evaluate students' leadership Activities and involvement merits further research.
Admissions Criteria as Predictors of Academic Performance in a Three-Year Pharmacy Program at a Historically Black Institution
Both PCAT and GPA were predictors of didactic performance, especially in nonAfrican-Americans, and Pharmacy experience and observational scores were predictor of experiential performance,especially in African-Americans.
Student Personality Style and First-Year Academic Performance in a Doctor of Pharmacy Program
While no significant associations were found in the first-year of the curriculum, continued evaluation will be conducted to determine the impact of personality style on students’ overall academic performance beyond the first year of the PharmD curriculum.
Predicting Performance in the First-Year of Pharmacy School
PCAT scores and prepharmacy GPAs both showed moderate predictive validity in indicating candidates likely to succeed in the first year of the pharmacy program, consistent with those of previous similar studies.
Development and Validation of a Model That Predicts the Academic Ranking of First-Year Pharmacy Students 1
Of the variables examined, math/science GPA and attainment of a prior four-year college degree, but not scores on the PCAT, were the best predictors of academic rank for first-year pharmacy students.


Significant Factors for Predicting Academic Success of First-Year Pharmacy Students
Identifying the most important factors for predicting academic performance of pharmacy students is of considerable interest to pharmacy educators. The purpose of this study was to identify
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