Prions in Milk from Ewes Incubating Natural Scrapie

  title={Prions in Milk from Ewes Incubating Natural Scrapie},
  author={Caroline Lacroux and St{\'e}phanie Simon and Sylvie L. Benestad and S{\'e}verine Maillet and Jacinthe Mathey and S{\'e}verine Lugan and Fabien Corbi{\`e}re and Herv{\'e} Cassard and Pierrette Costes and Dominique Bergonier and Jean-Louis Weisbecker and Torffin Moldal and Hugh Simmons and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Lantier and C{\'e}cile F{\'e}raudet-Tarisse and Nathalie Morel and François Schelcher and J acques Grassi and Olivier Andr{\'e}oletti},
  journal={PLoS Pathogens},
  pages={136 - 144}
Since prion infectivity had never been reported in milk, dairy products originating from transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE)-affected ruminant flocks currently enter unrestricted into the animal and human food chain. However, a recently published study brought the first evidence of the presence of prions in mammary secretions from scrapie-affected ewes. Here we report the detection of consistent levels of infectivity in colostrum and milk from sheep incubating natural scrapie, several… CONTINUE READING
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