Printing of protein microarrays via a capillary-free fluid jetting mechanism.

  title={Printing of protein microarrays via a capillary-free fluid jetting mechanism.},
  author={Jason Barron and H. David Young and Dana D. Dlott and Marlene M. Darfler and David B. Krizman and Bradley R. Ringeisen},
  volume={5 16},
Current proteomics experiments rely upon printing techniques such as ink jet, pin, or quill arrayers that were developed for the creation of cDNA microarrays. These techniques often do not meet the requirements needed for successful spotting of proteins to perform high-throughput, array-based proteomic profiling. Biological laser printing (BioLP) is a spotting technology that does not rely on solid pins, quill pins, or capillary-based fluidics. The non-contact mechanism of BioLP utilizes a… CONTINUE READING


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