Printing Contemporary Handwoven Fabrics (Aso-oke) in Southwestern Nigeria

  title={Printing Contemporary Handwoven Fabrics (Aso-oke) in Southwestern Nigeria},
  author={E. B. Ojo},
  journal={Design Issues},
  • E. B. Ojo
  • Published 22 March 2007
  • Economics
  • Design Issues
Introduction Aso-oke (preserved cloth) is a Yoruba handwoven cloth made on a horizontal or vertical loom. Many types exist. The Sanyan type usually is woven from anaphe wild silk and cotton yarns. Alaari is woven with either synthetic or locally grown cotton and shinning threads, sometimes with perforated patterns, while the Etu type usually bears dark indigo colors with tiny white stripes noted for their simplicity. These three notable, woven cloths have flourished from time immemorial with… 

An Update of Weavers Technical Skill and Woven Designs in South Western Nigeria

The need to re-assess weavers’ technical skill in South-Western Nigeria arises because of the changing phases of consumers aesthetic tastes and preferences, and the need to increase production at the speed commensurate to the demand of users.

Aso-oke (Yoruba's hand woven textiles) usage among the youths in Lagos, Southwestern Nigeria

Nigeria today is faced with daunting developmental challenges. This is particularly noteworthy in its manufacturing sector which is at present comatose. The textile sector is a unique subset of the

Aso-oke (Hand Woven Textiles) of Southwestern Nigeria A Compact Examination of a Resilient Artifact

Aso-oke is a peculiar artifact among the Yoruba people. Old and emerging dynamics within the Yoruba world systems and the nation at large are however reconfiguring the process, nature and existence

Consumers’ Acceptability and Creative Use of Local Fabrics as Graduation Gown for Primary School Pupils

The study was conducted to assess the acceptability of local fabrics (resist dye and traditional woven fabrics) as graduation gown for primary school pupils and their teachers among the Heads of

The Influence of Television Advertising in the Promotion of Yoruba Attires in Ondo State: a Study of NTA Akure

This project is based on the influence of television advertising in the promotion of yoruba attires in Ondo State, “a study of NTA Akure”. The research work review related literature and was anchored



Yoruba Culture

Brooks's avowed concern is with American legitimate trade with West Africa, though he has a useful section on the symbiotic relationship between licit trade and the slave trade. It is none the less

The Complete Book of Silk Screen Printing Production

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Understanding the arts

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The Decoration of Woven Cloth

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