Print-and-Scan Resilient Watermarking for Authenticating Paper-Based Certificates

  title={Print-and-Scan Resilient Watermarking for Authenticating Paper-Based Certificates},
  author={Yuan-Liang Tang and Yin-Tai Huang},
  journal={2010 First International Conference on Pervasive Computing, Signal Processing and Applications},
As digital technologies advance, it is very easy to forge a paper-based certificate or images to deceive people, and the counterfeits look almost the same as the originals. Because such forgery causes tremendous losses to the society, the demand for automatic and on-line authentication of paper-based images has been increasing. To solve such a problem, watermarking techniques against the “print-and-scan” attack have been studied extensively. In this paper, a print-and-scan resilient… CONTINUE READING