Principles of thrombolysis in pulmonary embolism.

  title={Principles of thrombolysis in pulmonary embolism.},
  author={Richard Prewitt},
  volume={99 4 Suppl},
A canine model of pulmonary embolism, induced by injection of autologous radioactive blood clots, was used to investigate principles of thrombolysis in pulmonary embolism. One study compared recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rtPA) with heparin in the treatment of pulmonary embolism. This study also compared the efficacy of rtPA (1 mg/kg) given over 15 min (rtPA15) to the same total dose infused over 90 min. Compared with heparin, both rtPA regimens induced marked pulmonary thrombolysis… CONTINUE READING

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